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Global Development Education (GDE) is a lifelong learning process that contributes to understanding the differences and similarities between the lives of people in developing and developed countries and facilitates the understanding of economic, social, political, environmental and cultural processes which affect them. It develops skills and supports values and attitudes so that people are able and willing to participate actively in local and global processes (according to the National Strategy for Global Development Education 2011-2015).


  • work with pupils (interactive workshops, project/thematic day)
  • work with teachers (methodological seminars,  handbooks, consultation centre, library)

Our international projects:

Our national projects:

  • World in one day (2012-2014), coordinator –marcela.fiedorova(at)arpok.cz
  • EnviGlob – what have global and environmental education in common?(2013-2014), coordinator – lenka.pankova(at)arpok.cz
  • SMOK – network of open multicultural clubs (2012-2014), coordinator – zuzana.svajgrova(at)arpok.cz

If you want to know more about the project please contact the coordinators or grv(at)arpok.cz



Development evenings

Development evenings are courses of discussion evenings for publc. Their aim is to introduce development projects and topics of development to those who are interested. They usually take place on last Tuesday of a month from September to May in the Theatre of Music in Olomouc. The events are opened to broad public for voluntary fee.

Here you can see some of the topics of development evenings:

  • A Holiday with a Dictator (North Korea)
  • Liberia – a New Beginning
  • Beeing a Refugee in Own Country (Colombia)

The Czech republic against Poverty

A campaign The Czech republic against Poverty is a part of an international campaign Global Action against Poverty and ARPOK has been one of the leader of the campaign since 2005. The campaign annually culminates in autumn when we realize discussions concerning the poverty issues for students,  prepare special educational programmes, organizace thematic development evenings etc.


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